CET Group is Committed to Provide Customers Full Support

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CET Group Singapore Branch and its partner, June Wave Enterprise, organized a special conference on May 4th. This event was called “2018 CET Technical Seminar in South-East Asia” and it was held in Kuala Lumpur. There were about 100 people who participated, including local business owners, technicians and sales representatives.

The conference started with a welcoming speech from one of the representatives of the June Wave Enterprise. Then, Ms. Ivy, the Vice General Manager of CET Group, gave a detailed explanation on CET’s history and spoke about CET’s new developments, including the implementation of our new facility, Yingmei Technology, in Hebei, China.

"Your success is our priority" - CET Group provides customers with a full range of services!

In order to help customer to maximize their opportunities for growth, Stella, the General Manager of CET Group Singapore Branch, introduced CET’s efforts from four aspects: company strength, industry changes, value proposition, and benefits CET brings to our customers.

Meanwhile, Stella also mentioned “Our Customers NEED changes, so do WE!” No matter what happens, we will always follow the trends and support our customers with the industry changes. Stella also states the following points during her participation in the conference:

We are committed to meet customers’ QUALITY expectations for new and existing products and services.

We are committed to provide SERVICE with excellence at all times.

We are committed to offer customers the best VALUE from CET products and to help them to grow their business.

What are the benefits CET brings to you? - CET focus on providing customized services for each customer.

For Business Owner/ Principal Distributor, CET focus on:

1. Maximize your Business Profitability and growth by providing products with similar or better performance than the OEM and exceeding customers’ expectations.

2. Provide one-stop source of multiple OEM lines.

3. Provide reliable, consistent and customized products for both overseas and domestic markets.

For Business Manager (Sales/ Service/ General), CET offers Management personnel to achieve multiple goals by:

1. Providing high quality products to ensure end-user satisfaction.

2. Providing comprehensive services from every CET department, such as:

a. Dedicated customer service

b. Diversified product customization services

c. Promotional material support for products

d. Convenient and safe logistics methods, and etc.

3. Providing risk-free warranty and full support

For Technical Engineers/ Field Service Technicians, CET focus on facilitating Technicians jobs by:

1. Providing high quality products to minimize costs

2. Listening your feedback and providing strong technical support and solutions.

3. Providing regular product training and special technical exchange meetings.

Quality Control - CET products’ quality inspection.

We also have the pleasure of having a special speaker in this conference: Mr. John McCracken, CET Group’s Testing Center Manager. John highlighted some technical details and shared CET’s testing procedures and standards, which were highly appreciated and recognized from the audience.

Analysis on OA Marketing—New products and industry trend.

Mr. John McCracken also spoke about the advantages of chemical toners over conventional toners, and the market trends of MPS and MNS in OA industry.

CET Group Singapore Branch will continue supporting their customers and cooperate with their partners by building stronger business relationships and providing high quality products and services for all of our valued customers.

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