Signing Ceremony of Grant-Offering was Successfully Held between CET Group and Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Published:2017.10.27  Views:0

CET Group has always been passionate and spirited about giving back to their community.

Thus, on the afternoon of October 27th, 2017, representatives of CET Group visited Beijing University of Chemical Technology to hold a special signing ceremony. Among the attendees were Ms. Dai Mei, the general manager of CET Group, and Mr. Ren Xin Gang, the Vice President of the University, along with various CET team members, University faculty, and students.

The ceremony, led by Ms. Mei, was meant to establish a scholarship program for students. This scholarship would be awarded to gifted, hardworking, and innovative students that exhibit a desire to contribute to the greater good of society. While expressing his gratitude to CET Group, Mr. Gang praised their spirited dedication to social responsibility, as well as their support for educational development. He added that the University shares its values with CET Group; both organizations are dedicated to unity, dedication, hard work, pragmatism, and innovation. Additionally, he expressed the University’s willingness to further progress scientific research, development, and to cooperate with other enterprises and universities.

Following the meeting, Mr. Gang and Ms. Mei signed the scholarship agreement. They both firmly believe that schools and businesses can progress together if they each put in concerted efforts towards training new talent!

CET Group will continue to support educational development in the future. They are currently working on more cooperative agreements with many other universities and colleges, and have already teamed up with Hebei University of Technology and North China Polytechnic to help even more students and families pay for higher education. We hope that our efforts will inspire students to pursue degrees and to contribute to the greater good of society!

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