New Developments - CET USA Turns 11!

Published:2017.09.21  Views:0

Fresh off the heels of last year’s monumental 20th anniversary celebration of CET Group Co. Ltd., CET USA is happy to celebrate 11 years in operation! CET first opened its American branch in 2006 in Massachusetts and then Florida before relocating to its current location in Raynham, MA in 2010. Since then, the branch has made quite a few developments. Just in the past year, they have do completely rebranded themselves, going from “China Eternal Copiers Technology USA Inc.” to simply “CET Group USA Inc.” They have also had massive success in the North and South American markets, consistently meeting and exceeding our monthly sales goals. This success can be directly credited to the outstanding sales managers at this branch, who work tirelessly to ensure that their customers are getting the most for their money. Also, our branch has undergone a massive “growth-spurt” in a rather short time, as we just put the finishing touches on our warehouse addition!

The building project began last November, during which we laid the foundation for the 30,000-sq. ft. extension to be built upon. Once the project was completed in June, we had created 60,000-sq. ft. of room and seven more rows of racking to stock and ship products to our customers. To increase productivity even further, we will implement a barcode system later this year. This will allow us to easily check in products as they are shipped and to check out products as they ship out. Moreover, we got all new trucks, forklifts, and cherry-pickers for the warehouse, which have further increased the speed at which products get to and from clients. To accommodate all this new equipment, we have hired more workers to their warehouse team, which has resulted in an even greater upsurge in our efficiency.

Happy birthday, CET Group USA Inc.!

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