CET Group Participates in 2017 Remax World Expo

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At the advent of Autumn, the Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center held the 11th Annual Remax World Expo from October 12th to October 14th. The Remax World Expo is the world's largest exhibition of printer and copier consumables, and aims to expand international cooperative relationships between businesses and consumers. As a world-renowned manufacturer within the OA industry, CET Group once again participated in the expo. We displayed various samples of high-quality products to 14,000 visitors from over 85 countries and regions.

Among the products we displayed were toner cartridges, drum units, fuser, chips and various spare copier and printer parts. We also showed off the XT-series automatic toner bottling line just launched by Xintron Hengyu (one of our wholly-owned subsidiaries), which attracted many local and international patrons. Additionally, our brand-new remanufactured copier business drew a considerable amount of interest from spectators, such that the discussion area was filled to capacity.

We currently have six overseas branches, all of which have considerably large sales networks that allow us to provide high-class products and service to people all around the world. At this event, we successfully established even more global relationships with both old and new clients, some of whom signed contracts on the spot.

Meanwhile, our General Manager, Demi Dai, along with our Testing Center Manager, John McCracken, delivered a speech titled "Make Your Future Colorful". In their speech, they talked about CET's development history, and the world-class integrated industrial base at Cao Feidian, Tangshan City, Hebei Province of China, which is currently under construction. Moreover, they specifically outlined Research & Development procedures, our testing technology, and the advantages of our customer service.

By the end of the expo, CET had accomplished quite a lot. But our work does not stop here - we will continue to take on any new challenges, to deliver exceptional customer service, to provide boundless value, and to develop high-quality compatible consumables and spare parts for customers all around the world!

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